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What is speed training?

It is a training that specializes in cultivating the basic movements and instantaneous power of tennis, soccer, swimming, and all sports, and it is a training that even those who are new to exercise can easily adopt it.

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  • Improving concentration

  • Basics of how to move the body

  • coordination

(STEP1 ~ 3)


  • speed

  • Agility

  • Quickness



  • Judgment

  • Intermediate agility

  • Quickness Intermediate



  • Increased physical strength and muscle strength

  • Advanced agility

  • Quickness Advanced


STEP 1 Concentration (meditation)

STEP 2 Positioning

Incorporate 1 minute of meditation before training begins

Bring 100% awareness to the one thing that should be done right now.

Improved ability to react quickly from a stationary state and start moving immediately.

STEP 3 How to handle

STEP 4 Spatial cognitive ability

Use JSS's unique tools to let your body learn how to do all the exercises.

Improved ability to accurately grasp and recognize "sense of distance," "size," and "speed."

STEP 5 Step work

STEP 6 Rhythm step

Improved ability to maintain balance even when sudden changes in direction and to move the body smoothly.

By using the sound source to improve athletic performance and enhance the sense of rhythm, the movement becomes sharper, which not only improves performance but also prevents injuries.

STEP 7 Physical / core strength

STEP 8 Responsiveness

Strengthen the muscles of the chest, back, hips, abdominal muscles, and buttocks to stabilize the pelvis, and improve the balance that won't lose or fall.

Improved ability to see, hear, respond quickly to cues and respond accurately.

STEP 9 Judgment

STEP 10 Conversion ability

Perform eye movements to strengthen visual acuity, dynamic visual acuity, instantaneous vision, peripheral vision, collect more information from the eyes, and deepen tactical understanding so that selections can be made according to the situation.

Increase the judgment speed.

Improve the ability to switch movements and adjust movements by quickly changing how muscles are used and how joints are moved in changing situations.

STEP 11 Connection ability

STEP 12 Comprehensive

By moving multiple parts at the same time, the ability to move muscles in a smooth and efficient manner when performing a certain movement is improved.

Make quick decisions in every situation and be ready for top speed.

IMG_0542 2.png
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